Service of equipment

We offer free of charge technical assistance and advice on the selection of equipment, spare parts and all types of consumables, products and goods in our offer.

We also regenerate laser sources made by the world’s leading manufacturers. We specialize in guarantee and post-guarantee overhauls and maintenance of the equipment in our offer.

Our service department usually responds within 24 hours from the customer’s notification.

Production and Service Department

    Chief of Production and Service    

Andrzej Gielza, MSc Eng.

Тел: +48 604 466 719


Service of mining equipment Service of other equipment

   Coordinator of Production and Services    

Zbigniew Musik, MSc Eng.

mobile: +48 698 854 492


   Deputy of Chief Production and Service Engineer   

Mariusz Kowalski, MSc Eng.   

mobile: +48 602 127 816   



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