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WDS – magnetic drum separator



The wet separation magnetic drum separator manufactured by Steinert GmbH uses its efficient alternating internal polar system to guarantee the highest possible recovery of magnetic materials, especially magnetite and ferrosilicon in heavy agents circuits. The WDS drum separator allows the recycling of heavy agents with low maintenance costs. Different diameters and operating lengths of the drums allow the maximum effectiveness of almost 500m3/h. The WDS drum separators manufactured by Steinert GmbH have been used around the world for years; they are being constantly improved and adjusted to the current market conditions.

Operation principles
The lower part of the rotating stainless steel drum is immersed in a tank containing a heavy agent suspension. A series of permanent magnets arranged inside the drum generates a high gradient magnetic field, which attracts the fine, suspended ferrous particles to the drum surface. As the drum rotates, these particles “”flip flop”” from pole to pole cleaning the magnetic materials from the non-magnetics before discharging to the discharge chute.

The result
Maximum economic efficiency – optimum results! WDS separates all magnetic materials from solutions containing solid particles. The Steinert GmbH WDS is equipped with strontium ferrite permanentmagnets arranged with alternating poles in a solid and heavy drum shell. Its extremely high performance is based on the specific arrangement of the magnets with alternating poles and field-amplifying cross-magnets. This alternating cross-magnets (ACM) design provides maximum field gradients and optimum separation results as proven in hundreds of applications. All WDS drum separators are provided with an adjustable magnetic element and a stainless steel tank with support frame and discharge chute. All Steinert GmbH drum separators are available with drum diameters of 0.925 m or 1.220 m and a working length of up to 3 metres and are optionally equipped with a magnetic drum cover according to the provisions of the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive. They are manufactured either in concurrent or counter-rotation design. The concurrent models are used for the general treatment purposes of heavy agents and the counter-rotation models provide a highly concentrated magnetic product and are typically used in heavy agents coal washing plants. By combining either separators in a back-to-back design or one on top of the other, feed volumes and functioning can be adjusted to match individual conditions.



Drum diameter 925 mMotor (kW)Weight (kg)Efficiency (m3/h)
WDS 92/922.21750115
WDS 122/922.21970152
WDS 150/922.22240187
WDS 183/922.22480228
WDS 214/922.22640267
WDS 244/924.03100305
WDS 275/924.03390343
WDS 300/924.03590375

Drum diameter 1230 mmMotor (kW)Weight (kg)Efficiency (m3/h)
WDS 122/1222.22370183
WDS 150/1222.22660225
WDS 183/1222.22860274
WDS 214/1222.23350321
WDS 244/1224.03860366
WDS 275/1224.04340412
WDS 300/1224.04770450


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