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Water treatment plant SUW-2



The water treatment plant is designed for use in mining facilities where water is heavily contaminated with chemical compounds, rendering natural water resources unusable in the technological process. Application of water treatment plant provides access to purified water due to its demineralization through reversed osmosis. Thanks to this technology, purified water is also free from bacteria and molds, which very often create bigger problems than chemical and mineral contamination, particularly for hydraulic control systems. Such water can be used to produce water-oil emulsion necessary for supplying the powered roof supports.

Advantages of using the water treatment plant:
Removing excessive chemical compounds as well as bacteria and molds from water fed to the mining area for the purposes of producing a water-oil emulsion for supplying powered roof supports and thus allowing the correct mining process. Using the SUW-2 water treatment plant, we can achieve required parameters of water, i.e. total hardness and conductivity, chlorides, sulfates and iron content in borderline mining conditions.



Operation parameters:
• Operating pressure – up to 25 bar
• Nominal capacity – up to 1000 l/h
• Input medium – raw water
• Output medium – demineralised water
• Max. medium temperature – 45° C
• Operation time – 24 h/day


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