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Pump units are complex systems used in the mining industry for such applications as, among others, supplying emulsion to longwall systems and supplying water to sprinkling and cooling systems of longwall shearers. We deliver complete, high-pressure pump units (mining machines) that are equipped with a microprocessor control system and that enable maintenance-free operation of the pumps and comprehensive monitoring of all pump unit’s parameters as well as control of pumps depending on demand for emulsion or water.

The monitoring system installed in the pump units supplying emulsion controls the amount of emulsion supplied to and returned from the longwall. The data transmission and visualisation devices enable the following activities: ongoing supervision of pump unit operation, analysing data on pump unit operation, calculating the emulsion consumption in a given operating area and scheduling overhauls and repairs of pump unit components. The use of the customized pump units (mining machines) made by WICHARY Technologies Sp. z o.o. enables the reduction of the power consumption costs and losses of working fluid.



Example configuration of the pump unit for the longwall shearer sprinkling:
• EHP-3K pump unit with a motor
• Water tank or pipe sleigh that performs the function of a pressure water tank
• Set of filters
• Connecting hoses
• Microprocessor control system
• Intrinsically safe measuring devices such as, for example, flow meters.

Example configuration of the pump unit for supplying emulsion to the longwall system:
• EHP-3K pump units with drive motors
• Emulsion tanks
• Water treatment plant
• Sets of high-pressure inflow and return filters
• Connecting conduits
• Hydraulic accumulators
• Microprocessor control system of the pump unit
• Intrinsically safe measuring devices such as, for example, flow meters, and data transmission and visualisation devices.


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