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The Coalmaxx and dedicated fittings are manufactured by WICHARY Technologies since the acquisition of the German company Hamacher in 2011. The transfer of the machinery stock and all documentation of Hamacher products to Poland allowed us to expedite the manufacturing process, lower the costs and have better control over the final product. This measure was taken with the Customer`s best interest and quality expectations in mind.

The high-pressure main conduits manufactured by WICHARY Technologies are capable of transmitting liquids categorised as group 2 under „Technical requirements for pressure equipment 97/23/EC”. Allowed pipelines may operate with the operating pressure up to 420 bar. Due to the large variety of design solutions, they provide complex solutions for the user`s problems with creating pipe mains.

The Coalmaxx system is currently used mainly in underground mining with longwall systems, transport of cement-dust mixtures, fire prevention systems, drainage and hydraulic filling. These systems can also be used in surface mining as well as mining of salt and other minerals. Additionally, the pipelines manufactured by WICHARY Technologies may be used in the following industries:
• Chemical
• Construction
• Ship-building
• Metallurgy
• Drilling

We offer a varied system of joints to best suit our Customer`s needs. Such as:
• Fish-plate joints – fast assembly and dismantling of the system
• Threaded joints – exceptional durability and fastness
• Socket joints – small size and simplicity throughout the system.

Sample joint selectional view:
1. Pipe with a plug end
2. Cap nut
3. Pipe with a threaded end
4. Sealing ring (o-ring)






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