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Fittings for power hydraulics



Flow rate control valves and pressure reducing valves are widely used in the mining industry. They are used in the sprinkling and cooling systems with the constant, pressure-independent water flow adjustment. Their operation is pressure-independent and currently, they are the only devices of this type that ensure constant water flow. The valve design excludes any possibility of interfering or unauthorized manipulation and ensures safe operation. The valves are also maintenance-free. The range of input pressure is from 5 to 100 bar. The maximum flow rate of 400 l/min (standard) can be set.

The range of valve pressure can be customized.


stacja redukcyjna wody typu RV150.JPGtablica rozdziału wody typu WVT_1 ze wskaźnikiem przepływu.JPGtablica rozdziału wody typu WVT_2 (2).jpgtablica rozdziału wody.jpg




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