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Air-conditioning systems for underground mines



The greater the depth of excavation of raw materials (hard coal/copper ore) is, the worse the quality of air in the heading is. This is caused by increasing temperature of rock mass, accumulated water and operation of electrical equipment/combustion engines. In order to ensure safe and comfortable working conditions for the miners in the places where the high temperature threats occur, the air-conditioning systems for underground mines must be used. Temperature and humidity of air are reduced in this way and working conditions are considerably improved.

The following devices are used in the air-conditioning systems for underground mines:

• Refrigerating units that produce ice water
• Air coolers that remove heat from heading
• Re-coolers that are designed to collect heat of condensation from the units
• Electrical/hydraulic or pneumatic fans for providing forced air circulation in the coolers. Option: air movers.
• Electrical devices (power supply, control system, monitoring system, air quality control system).

The complete set of these cooperating devices is referred to as the group or central air-conditioning system. Depending on the system configuration. It’s assumed that the cooling capacity of a complete air-conditioning system is from 1 to 5 MW.

We offer different devices for the air-conditioning systems in underground mines:

Air coolers made of new materials. These coolers can cooperate with dedicated air fans or be installed directly with air-duct fans. Each cooler is special reinforced housing so heat exchanger is high pressure proof. Cooling capacity: 200, 250, 300, 400 kW.

Re-coolers are designed for operation in the closed circuit of the cooling water of the refrigerating unit condenser. The coolers collect the heat of condensation and transfer it to the stream of used air from the mine.

Cooling capacity: 450 and 650 kW (or batteries with cooling capacity of 900 kW).

Coal face coolers are compact heat exchangers to be installed directly in the heading. The external diameter of the smallest cooler is only 250mm. Forced air circulation can be alternatively achieved by means of such devices as, for example: hydraulic fans or air movers. Cooling capacity: 15, 25, 35, 50, 95 kW.

Water chillers with semi-hermetic screw. They’re high-technology machines which characteristics very small energy consumption. If you compare with traditional devices –electrical power energy consumption is about half level. When you using machines for few years -you can save much money. Our devices are smaller (twice) than conventional type, so there’re easy to transport (one piece). You need much less refrigerant and oil, so there’re more ecologic and much less expensive to run. Cooling capacity: 400÷2400 kW.

We also offer the special devices:

• Systems to cooling machines
• Demineralization devices
• Filtration devices

Our company designs complete air conditioning systems.



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