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XT fume extraction system



XT series devices for elimination and filtration of exhaust gases. XT series devices are intended for elimination and filtration of exhaust gases from laser devices. In order to guarantee best cleaning accuracy (being ~99.9%), the devices are equipped with a multistage filtration level:

– A pocket filter located in a separate enclosure, which separates coarse particles and prevents clogging of further filtrating inserts
– A large preliminary filter mat
– The main filter separating fine particles
– The last level consists of cassettes with active carbon.

Placing all filtrating cassettes in one enclosure in a tight manner guarantees a very high cleaning efficiency. The device is enclosed in a spray-varnished steel giving it aesthetic look.

XT series consist of highly efficient maintenance-free turbines with stepless adjustment of rotational speed. An extra advantage of the devices is automatic control of filters operation, which signals the need to inspect or replace the filtrating inserts. The devices are controlled from a remote control panel with an LCD display and a remote controller being a standard equipment.

XT series systems can be provided with a sparks fender, which is necessary during welding processes and soldering.







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