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WT series laser system



WT series laser system is the result of many years of experience and efforts of our engineers and designers specializing in laser processing of materials. WT series system offers much more material processing possibilities than the traditional system i.e. the laser plotter. Thanks to the use of the unique drive system combined with the modern control system, this laser system can cut even the most complicated shapes with exceptional precision and quality. The state-of-the-art laser optics, the specialized cutting head and the automatic pallet table enable us to offer the fast, reliable, efficient, economic and versatile laser systems for processing a wide range of materials. The steel structure of the device guarantees high rigidity and precision of the complete laser system. The nozzles and the optical components of the cutting head can be quickly and easily replaced. As the equipment manufacturer, we provide the 24 month guarantee and ensure the response of our service department within 48 hours from the notification.


• The system is used in high-volume manufacturing companies.


• Fast, reliable, efficient, economic and versatile system for processing a wide range of materials such as metals, including tool steel, constructional steel and stainless steel, composites, plastics (plexiglass, acrylic glass, etc.), wood, plywood, MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), veneer, textiles, paper, cardboard, cork, rubber and many other materials; a wide range of laser source power options is available: from 400W to 6000W; various dimensions of working areas are available; high precision of the system.










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