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Air4fit powered by WICHARY Technologies is a combination of innovative appliances – easily adaptive stationary compartments and mobile spaces, capsules and tents where atmosphere is modified by decrease or increase of oxygen level. This allows to create specific conditions of hypoxia (high mountain atmosphere conditions) or normobaric hyperoxia. Moreover the technology allows to modify and control temperature and humidity level in a very wide range.

Air4fit powered by WICHARY Technologies products can be applied in high performance sport, leisure, regenerative medicine, rehabilitation therapies, metabolism and eating disorders treatment. Uniqueness of Air4fit powered by WICHARY Technologies products is reflected by:

  • Safety in use – advanced atmosphere conditions supervision system (temperature, humidity, O2/CO2 concentration),
  • Simplicity in use – user-friendly, multifunctional interface supervising selected physiological parameters,
  • Effectiveness – training concepts database and programmable variability of conditions setting new standards in training and therapeutic methodology.

It must be emphasized that Air4fit powered by WICHARY Technologies system is equipped in multi-point air delivery system as well as multi-point atmosphere conditions control system. Only such solution allows maintaining and controlling steady, constant and effective atmosphere conditions, essential for conducting scientific researches.

Innovative technological solutions allow to create low oxygen atmosphere conditions not only in small spaces but also in sport halls and training facilities. Customer-tailored solution created to meet your demands.

We cooperate with many sport associations, medical centers, wellness, spa centers and individual sportsmen for whom we set a link between results of scientific research and practical implementation in training process and medical therapies.

Our R&D department focuses on constant development, reliability and the highest quality of products offered and signed by Air4fit powered by WICHARY Technologies brand.

Our business is based on close cooperation with Customers to meet their highest demands and expectations. We offer professional advisory services and technical support in order to supply you with most efficient solutions, technical supervision, service and training.


Regarding the fact that only a compilation of factors (such as hypoxia level, exposure time, effort intensity), depending on therapeutic and training process objectives, can ensure effectiveness and safety, we offer a large scale substantive and methodical support in order to gain the most effective results among hypoxia systems in fields of sport training, rehabilitation and medicine.

As part of the offer, our hypoxia dedicated qualified and experienced research team, will provide you with necessary knowledge on hypoxia and will present the most effective training programs and solutions.


A wide range of hypoxia influence on human body makes it possible to implement Air4fit powered by WICHARY Technologies system in the following fields:

  • High performance sport, leisure and recreation (improve of physical endurance and endurance capacity),
  • Medicine (asthma, diabetes, obesity and depression treatment),
  • Rehabilitation therapies (cardio-rehabilitation, sportsmen rehabilitation),
  • Alpinism (acclimatization before high mountain expeditions),
  • Scientific research.


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