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As part of warehouse logistics systems we offer a wide selection of racks for the storage of multiple types of products – large-sized, palletised, small and container-packed products. The offer includes, among others: pallet, drive-in, flow, mobile, push-back, shelves, cantilever, archiving and other types of racks.

The broad spectrum of the offered types of racking suits the specific logistics requirements of our customers. The selection of an optimal solution is the result of analysis these requirements, logistics processes of the company and the specific requirements of the given industry. The selection of the racking system depends on: product dimensions, packing technology, rotation, FIFO/LIFO system selection, expiration dates (FEFO), required access to every pallet, product range, required degree of automation, and many other factors.

For example, pallet racks are used to store multiple types of products with varying dimensions, stored on pallets. The pallet racking system facilitates access to stored products, stock control, provides the possibility of high-bay storage and increase the capacity of the warehouse. Initially, a high-bay storage warehouse requires a design – a complex process with the need to correctly select the racking system and degree of automation.




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