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Formica WMS system is a modern solution supporting warehouse management, providing full control over each storage unit. It enables tracking the status and location of materials at an given moment of the logistics process. The use of cutting-edge IT technologies ensures the safety of stored information and system operation continuity, also in the 24/7 mode.

In the standard version, the system supports the following logistics processes:
• Warehouse receiving and release (external receiving, internal receiving, external release, internal release)
• Internal transport
• Stocktaking
• Management of locations, units, warehouse accessories
• Management of users and access rights to system functions.

Benefits of the Formica WMS system:
• Monitoring of logistics processes and real time information processing
• Support for unlimited number of warehouses
• Full integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
• Compatibility with Auto-ID devices (bar codes, RFID)
• Ready for integration with industrial automation (PickByLight, PickByVoice, conveyors, etc.)
• Open to modifications
• Modular construction for free configuration
• Adaptation to the needs of the customer.

Thanks to the simple and ergonomic user interface, the Formica WMS system is intuitive, which saves time and money spent on advanced user training in the case of other systems.

MFCS (Material Flow Control System)
The MFCS system manages the flow of materials based on industrial automation elements (roller and chain conveyors, sorters, packing stations, stacker cranes, lifts) which supports the work of operators and increases the goods flow efficiency. The system is an expansion of the ERP and/or WMS systems in order to control the flow by integration with industrial controllers. Goods flow management and recording of each transport unit (pallet, container, box) enable the use of advanced goods route optimisation algorithms for transport systems. The MFCS system complements each conveyor transport system or automatic storage system.




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