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Our offer of logistics consulting includes a broad range of solutions in the scope of requirements identification and consultancy in areas, such as: warehouse automation, picking and assembly systems, high-bay storage warehouses, designs, repair and maintenance services. The requirements identification is based on the analysis of demand in the scope of automation of new warehouses and possibilities for the modernisation of the infrastructure currently in operation.

Designing warehouses must include active support of specialists in reaching a common goal. Our commitment and openness to your needs as well as the will to create functionality in warehouse spaces are the driving force for our operations.

The solutions proposed by us will enable the companies to streamline their processes, increase productivity and reduce labour costs. Automatic warehouse systems and automatic picking systems are designed to best fit the changing daily processes of order picking and increase operations effectiveness. In the process of warehouse automation, we use cutting-edge solutions and equipment, such as stacker cranes which enable the full automation of goods in/out processing and increase the effectiveness and productivity of the system.

As part of the construction of an automatic high-bay storage warehouse, we offer comprehensive implementation of logistics processes.
Our services include:

• Warehouse concepts, planning and designs
• Construction of storage facilities
• Supply, assembly and start-up of equipment, such as: conveyors, checkweighers, packing machines, stacking cranes and other elements of the transport and storage systems
• Implementation and early operation support
• Business and preliminary analyses in the fields of IT and logistics
• Further development of the current IT and automatic picking systems
• Integration of the solutions with other systems.

If you consider the modernisation of your warehouse, we are happy to share our expertise. Our experts will help you assess the current operations system and your requirements in order to prepare recommendations regarding the improvement of the effectiveness of warehouse operations. We can meet at your location and discuss your problems and logistics requirements.




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